About Us

About Us
WhaleBoost is a set of intelligent cloud order technology platform that integrates symmetric information aggregation technology, WhaleBoost has spent several years to build the core technology, the foundation of mature intelligent technology, the more prosperous e-commerce era, coupled with new WhaleBoost brand and accurate positioning, is bound to be launched in dozens of countries or regions around the world in a short time! WhaleBoost adopts the market strategy of "high-profile core technology, low-key operation and promotion".

WhaleBoost does not direct affiliate to any online shopping platform, WhaleBoost chooses to cooperate with the e-commerce merchants within the online shopping platform directly. At present, the world's top 30 online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Poshmark India's Flipkart, Indonesia's Tokopedia, Japan's Rakuten, Southeast Asia's Lazada, Shopee, China's Alibaba, Jingdong and Taobao, etc., have all joined as WhaleBoost's merchants and implementing our intelligent order matching service.

WhaleBoost focuses on digital marketing tailored to solve current e-commerce market issues, with current enormous amount of merchants and products on online shopping platform, many good quality built products could not gain visibility to their clients due to lack of traffic. And most consumer tempted to buy a products based on their sales volume, positive ratings and reviews. This greatly reduces other merchants who supply good products but does not able to gain traffic on-site even with the help of advertisement.

A comprehensive global service is essential for WhaleBoost's multinational and local customers who are looking to build their brands, increasing sales on their products and services to gain market shares on a global scale.

WhaleBoost connect both merchants and platform users to provide financial guarantee, communications between both parties, and ease the process using it's intelligent cloud matching system with just one click !

The holding company of WhaleBoost, headquartered in Woodlands, Singapore, is responsible for setting company-wide financial goals and corporate strategies, establishing financial management and operational controls, directing personnel policies, directing inter-agency partnership programs, conducting investor relations, and managing corporate social responsibility programs, provides enterprise risk management and oversees mergers and acquisitions. In addition, WhaleBoost provide certain centralized functional services that improve the operational efficiency of the company, including accounting and finance, executive compensation management and recruitment assistance, employee benefits, information technology, marketing information retrieval and analysis, internal audit, and legal services.

Some of the best features
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Advantages of WhaleBoost
WhaleBoost is used by merchants to boost sales and maximize the profits of both the merchant and the member, as the merchant only needs to pay 1/10 or as low as 1/100

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Business Model
With the rapid development of the Internet industry, electronic media is also increasingly favored by various entrepreneurs, resulting in an accelerate of the pressure

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Technical Mode
The business scope includes advertising, direct marketing, market research, public relations, healthcare consulting, conferences and events, media professional services

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Industry Prospects
In order to face the issue of (COVID-19) virus around the world, governments around the world have taken relevant quarantine measures, closing physical stores

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