(1) What kind of platform is WhaleBoost?

WhaleBoost is the world's largest technology platform that enables e-commerce merchants to swipe orders through intelligent cloud matching technology. Every day, countless new merchants cooperate and list their products on WhaleBoost, and enormous number of users join the platform! With every deposit made, the fund is used to promote merchants' products and boost their sales volumes. WhaleBoost came out with this new concept to connect merchants and users on the platform ! WhaleBoost is an e-commerce advertising and marketing service platform, the application is to help online merchants to create hot-selling products to increase the visibility of their online store.

(2) What is the usage of WhaleBoost?

In this rapidly growing e-commerce era, there is enormous of products listed on major e-commerce site like Amazon, Ebay, Shopee, Lazada and many more. However, majority of the products are not able to get visibility due to the large supplies of products on the site. Even though the products are quality built, sales does not take place if they are not visible to their clients. With WhaleBoost and it's cloud intelligent system, users are able to provide these advertising services with a simple click and the process will take place automatically, to boost the brand by purchasing and submitting a good review and rating for our partnership merchants' products.

(3) Why do online merchants spend money on advertising?

E-commerce sellers does not use the tradition advertising method through TV or social advertisement, most merchants aim for sales volume instead of high profit margin for their products. The cost for tradition advertising method is not cost-effective as they are very expensive and it would be difficult to sustain their businesses. From the research proven in recent years, e-commerce consumer are mostly tempted to purchase products based on it's sales volume, positive rating and reviews. WhaleBoost came out with this new concept to cooperate with both users and merchants and realize a new method of advertising, which merchants only have to pay a small amount of fees to the users who provide the advertising services by using SWIPE, with this method it would be cost-effective to sustain their businesses while getting advertised for their products.

(4) What is the biggest competition between merchants and merchants in e-commerce platforms?

Aside from the quality and price of the products offered from various merchants, the obvious competitive criteria would be the visibility of the products on the site, which is determined by the sales volume, ratings as well as the reviews left by the consumer who had purchased the products.

(5) How does SWIPE help on advertising products?

We spent over the years to develope WhaleBoost system using deep learning algorithm, SWIPE now allow users to provide advertise services to e-commerce merchant with a simple click and the system will automate the whole process. The concept is same as a typical buying process, from purchasing a product on site, submitting good rating and positive reviews. This help to boost the products' ranking on site, making it a top sales product. This gain them more visibilities when consumer search related products on-site, there is a higher probability that e-commerce site list the product on the first page.

(6) These are the products we know nothing about, are these good rating and review given randomly?

We have a dedicated team to verify the quality of the products from our partnership merchants. It is required for our partners to send in the products and go through a strict evaluation and verification before we list the products on our platform to get boosted.

(7) How many products advertising and promotion tasks can one account do per day?

There are different types of membership in WhaleBoost. Each membership offers different types of daily tasks and orders to be completed.

(8) How much is the commission for each product when user SWIPE them?

The commissions for SWIPE varies according to the types of WhaleBoost memberships subscribed by user. After completing the SWIPE task of a single product, users can get commissions of a percentage depending on the products' price.

(9) How much profit can I get by completing tasks every day?

The income obtained after completing the task varies according to the different types of WhaleBoost account owned by user. After completing the task, users can at least get commission income ranging from 2.5% to 8% of the account funds.

(10) When can the commission in the WhaleBoost account be withdrawn ?

The commission can be withdrawn any time with a minimum of 800 LKR per transaction.

(11)When will the withdrawn commission from WhaleBoost account processed?

Withdrawal T+3 Processing Time: This means the process will be executed in the next day of withdrawal date, and the transaction will be processed within 3 days, excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.

(12)What is the minimum withdrawal amount and deposit amount on the WhaleBoost platform?

The amount for minimum withdrawal is 800 LKR and the minimum deposit is 3520 LKR.

(13) Is there any service fee charge for withdrawals from wallet?

There is an 6% service fee charge for every withdrawal transaction made.

(14) Will online merchants not pay us the SWIPE commission?

WhaleBoost provides financial guarantee and act as the intermediaries between merchant and users in order to stabilize the platform. Commission for each tasks will be credited to your account in no time as soon when they are completed.

(15) Can I invite friends to join the platform to work together?

Yes. You can invite friends to join the platform and work together. When your friends successfully register through your exclusive invitation code, they will become your first-level subordinates, and you can get an additional 10% of the direct referral reward paid by WhaleBoost (of course, this will not affect your daily income of subordinates)

(16) How much revenue can I get from sharing the app?

Maximum that one user can get from inviting friends consisted of three levels, the referral reward is 10% for first-level subordinates, 5% for second-level subordinates, and 2.5% for third-level subordinates.

(17)How many platform accounts can each person have?

Each person can only have one platform account. If you open multiple accounts and the platform system detects that the account will be permanently deactivated, and WhaleBoost will not hold responsible for the loss of assets as it will violate the rules and regulations of various e-commerce platform.

(18) How do I increase my limit of daily commissions for SWIPE?

To reach a higher commission for daily SWIPE tasks, users will need to subscribe a higher tier membership so the fund is sufficient to complete more tasks. Higher tier memberships increases the daily task limit while allowing their account to boost products with higher price on site which gives more commission.

(19) How to build passive income in WhaleBoost?

The platform implements a three level team system. There are two type of passive income, direct referral bonus and daily swipe tasks bonus, both contributed from your team.
The commission given from 1st/2nd/3rd generation for DIRECT REFERRAL BONUS and DAILY SWIPE bonus is 10%/5%/2.5% and 3%/2%/1% respectively.
For example, in your team where every member subscribed a silver package (36,000 LKR) and each of them invited 10 members, and completed all daily tasks.

TEAM SWIPE BONUS (Daily profit for each silver member is 1,440 LKR per day on SWIPE) (3%/2%/1%)
First generation - 10 members = 3%(1,440 LKR)*10 member = 432 LKR
Second generation - 100 members = 2%(1,440 LKR)*100 member = 2,880 LKR
Third generation - 1000 members = 1%(1,440 LKR)*1000 member = 14,400 LKR
Total passive income from TEAM SWIPE BONUS = 17,712 LKR daily

First generation - 10 members (silver) = 10%(36,000 LKR)*10 = 36,000 LKR
Second generation - 100 members (silver) = 5%(36,000 LKR)*100 = 180,000 LKR
Third generation - 1000 members (silver) = 2.5%(36,000 LKR)*1000 = 900,000 LKR
Total passive income from DIRECT REFERRAL = 1,116,000 LKR

(20) Whats the difference between commission and credit shown on my account?

Credit = Deposit of money to purchase products in order to complete the SWIPE process.
Commission = Profit for users given by our partnership e-commerce merchants upon completion of tasks.

(21) What is the exact time does the system reset for each daily tasks?

WhaleBoost reset the daily tasks limit at 00:00 (GMT+5.30) for all countries, users would able to complete more tasks upon the reset of the system. However, users are advised to complete their daily tasks 10 minutes prior to the system reset to avoid losing the income on that particular day.

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